Memphis Depay: "Let's enjoy that I'm here for the moment"

Post-match interview with Memphis Depay after a 3 - 2 win against Lens.
#Ligue1 #MemphisDepay #Lyon
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  • LOL he's such a goof but he has really grown up as a top professional at Lyon! Everyone who still questions the character and maturity of Depay hasn't followed his progress with Lyon over the last few years. There's a reason why he's our captain, even above OL academy and leaders like Lopes. Of course he will leave OL in the summer, and as an OL fan I will be sad for him to leave, but he has served this football club so well! Huge fan of this young man, and will be rooting for him to succeed wherever he decides to go.

    GunsNDerrickRosesGunsNDerrickRoses16 أيام قبل
    • @GunsNDerrickRoses 😂👍 all of those guys are very similar (they’re all 10s) but I like they’re different in one thing: Griezzman is the one with super engine. Mertens is the more creative Coutinho used to be a futsal player Hazard is the one with more skills Insigne is the fastest Dybala is more scorer Depay is the strongest 😂 i guess that’s why koeman wants Memphis, he is a 10 but is super strong like a 9 👍

      Diego LopezDiego Lopez13 أيام قبل
    • @Matthew Quintana Totally man!

      GunsNDerrickRosesGunsNDerrickRoses15 أيام قبل
    • @GunsNDerrickRoses I agree i dont think hes a proper #9, I would understand his signing if we sold griezmann or coutinho, but if he doesn't come it's not the end of the world, he's world class, and to me i see it like if he stays at lyon, better for you guys hopefully he can get you guys a title, if he goes to barca hopefully he can help us get a title, hes an amazing player

      Matthew QuintanaMatthew Quintana15 أيام قبل
    • @Matthew Quintana I'm gonna give you my honest take on Depay going to Barcelona...I don't think it would be a great fit! Depay is no doubt a great player but he is not a true #9. His playing style very much reminds me (or is similar to) Griezmann. He likes to drop deeper, drift to the wings, likes/needs the ball and to dictate play, but doesn't really thrive as a true 9. I think he would do really well on the LW for you guys (he is very good on the LW), but you already have Fati and Dembele playing over there. I think he would struggle to fit in at Barca with Messi and Griezmann playing similar roles. I think you guys need a genuine #9 replacement for Suarez, and Depay isn't a number 9. Just my thoughts there!

      GunsNDerrickRosesGunsNDerrickRoses16 أيام قبل
    • @GunsNDerrickRoses i’m a barcelona fan and i know you might not want him to leave but if he does i hope he does win you guys a title then maybe come to barcelona bexause what a player you guys have he’s so good

      Matthew QuintanaMatthew Quintana16 أيام قبل
  • Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Brennan RileyBrennan Riley16 أيام قبل
  • yeah he gone look at his face lmaoooooo

    • Memph be hittin that Kush hella hard LOL

      GunsNDerrickRosesGunsNDerrickRoses15 أيام قبل